To the left of the image there is the engineer D. Luis Javier Ruiz Herrera and to the right of the image we see the illustrious mayor of this locality alcazareña D. Diego Ortega

   On the occasion of the putting in march for the construction of the new plant of NFU’s valuation, placed in Fortress of San Juan, Ciudad Real, the Most excellent Mayor of this of La Mancha locality, D. Diego Ortega and the Illustrious President D. Luis Javier Ruiz Herrera, manager of the corporate group Engineering Supervision and Control, You Nonstroll around Cryogenics, S.L., NovaValor System and RGS2, gave place, in the Polygon Lift the IVth Phase, to the ceremonial act of the ” Putting of the first stone “, on March 27, 2014, possessing a great abundance of assistants and important both National and International businessmen, which were present at this act with great interest for his new productive system that these facilities were showing.

   Stimulated by a strong environmental ideology, this engineer alcazareño, has looked for the best and more new solutions to a serious problem reached nowadays on our cities, the accumulation of these raw materials already rejected by the company, which shows an intensive pace of consumption and still major and more influential, his harmful capacity of watertightness owed resistance of his capacities physics.

   This project stimulated by the innovation, the development and the investigation, marks one before and one later in the Sector of the Renewable Energies, possessing important advantages since it is the recovery of the elements that have constituted these NFU and Plastic, treating them by means of “Pyrolysis” for the obtaining fuel (gas oil) and other by-products of great value. The above mentioned productive method (pyrolysis) needs the most advanced technologies and with minor environmental impact to manage these residues, supposes a milestone in the future of the treatment of the NFU and Plastic.

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