Equipment Fabrication for Large Natural Gas and Petroleum Facilities

The equipment for large natural gas and petroleum facilities is manufactured in our Industrial Workshops. These premises are equipped with the latest technology in the market for this kind of industry and 2.000 m² are available to carry out the whole manufacturing process. Design is the first step in the fabrication of equipment for large natural gas facilities. Our Engineering Team along with our Technical Department use state-of-the-art software to perform dimensional analyses and consumption and pressure calculations for every piece or module that is manufactured. The results of such analyses and calculations are then applied to the detailed engineering stage. Once the engineering is completed, the manufacturing stage begins with the preparation of the different components that are necessary for the fabrication of each piece and subset. The next step in the process is the assembly of all the parts that will make up the equipment. Tests and radiography are subsequently performed by Authorised Control Bodies, which are responsible for the approval of the manufactured equipment by issuing the corresponding certificate.